The Airbnb app screenshots on the App Store and Google Play store are beautiful, so let’s get that out of the way quickly.

When we first started to create templates using AppMockUp we wanted to show how easy it is to design screenshots based on real world apps.

People love this company, and if we look at the stars and raving reviews, they also love the Airbnb app as well, both iOS and Android.

When it comes to the screenshots, there’s a lot to say about the decisions behind them. Why they chose that particular color gradient for their screenshots, or why the font is so big and positioned to the left in the first image.

Today we’ll focus more on the technical side today of how to create a similar design to the Airbnb app screenshots with AppMockUp.

We’ll be designing the screenshots for iOS today, but the same steps apply to Android as well.

1. Set Airbnb app background gradient colors

Before setting the gradient, click on the “Add Another” button

Airbnb App - Add another screenshot
Add another screenshot

and add 3 more screenshots to the editor like so.

Airbnb App - Four screenshots
Four screenshots

Now open the Background Gradient tab for each screenshot and add these colors in.
Color A: #e91e63
Color B: #9d1e51
Don’t worry about gradient presets since we’re not going to use them here, likewise Gradient Direction should be set to Oblique Right.

Your screenshots should look like this now.

Airbnb App - Set gradient
Airbnb app gradient

A faster way we could have added the gradient to all screenshots would have been to add the colors to one screenshot, click on the three dots just above the image and click on Paste to all. We’ll see how that works in a moment.

2. Set the Frame Type

Since AppMockUp doesn’t yet support wireframe mockups like how the Airbnb app used, we’ll go with the Pink tinted one today. You can download the iPhone X mockups here if you want to use them in your marketing images.

Go to the Frame & Layout layout tab and click on the Frame Type button, it should be “Default”.

You’ll then be presented with a different frame types, choose the “Pink” frame.

In order to save time, we can now use the “Paste to all” option in the three dots menu so that all screenshots will have the Pink frame type.

Important note: “Paste to all” only copies the properties of how a screenshot looks, like background color, frame type, font size, etc… It will not copy the Caption, Subcaption text or your app snapshots.

Your screenshots should look like in the image below.

Airbnb App - Pink Frame
Pink Frame

3. Set the Layout Type

Go to the Frame & Layout tab for the first screenshot and click on the Layout button. The default layout is “Caption Above”.

You’ll be presented with different layout types, for now you’re going to choose the “Rotated Right 1”. Now go to the Frame & Layout tab for the second screenshot and choose the “Rotated Right 2” layout type.

Your screenshots should look like in the image below.

Layout Type
Layout Type

4. Update the Caption like in the Airbnb app

Before we update the Caption, we need to delete all the SubCaption text from the screenshots.

Open the SubCaption tab for each screenshot and delete the text.

We also need to remove the Caption text from the second screenshot just like in the Airbnb app.

Removed Subcaptions Text
After removing the Subcaption text and Caption text from the second screenshot

Now, open the Caption tab for each of the screenshots and let’s choose the perfect font.

Let’s first make the font color white.

You can add the hex value in the Color input box or you can click on the color button, on the right of the input box.

We’re going to click on the button, just so we can see the color picker.

When the color picker opens, scroll all the way to the bottom and choose the white color.

Go to each of the screenshots that have a caption and do the same.

Once you’re done, go to the first screenshot and make sure the Text Alignment is to the left.

Also, update the Font Size to 91 and the Line Height to 104.

The rest of the screenshots should have their caption center aligned, a Font Size of 64 and Line Height of 120.

But wait…. we haven’t chosen our font!? Yes! Go now to the Font Family button and choose Roboto 400 for all screenshots.

We’re getting closer to the Airbnb app screenshots >:)

Update Font Properties
Update Font Properties

5. Update the text and images

All we need to do now is add some images and update the text for each screenshot caption.

In the first screenshot you can write:


The third screenshot should say “VIEW LISTINGS” and the fourth “BOOK HOMES”.

Be sure to add a couple of new lines in the first screenshot by pressing enter at the beginning of the text, so they’re evenly spaced at the top.

Airbnb App Similar Screenshot Design
Airbnb App Similar Screenshot Design

And here they are, 4 screenshots with similar design to the Airbnb app on the App Store.

Sure the colors are a little different, and the positioning of the first and second frame, but we can’t simply copy right?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you now have a better understanding on how to use AppMockUp in order to create beautiful and compelling screenshots for your app.

AppMockUp Team

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