We’re sharing with you today 27 different iPhone X mockup templates.

You read that right.

These are the very ones we use in our tool, AppMockUp, to generate beautiful screenshots for your apps in order to help you increase the number of downloads on the App Store.

The popularity of device mockups has risen in the past years, we can see that clearly by checking Google Trends, the rising trend line says it all.

Various types of mockups were created over the years by designers from all around the world so that companies can present their apps in a more unique way.

Another cool resource for mockups, templates or even animations is Dribble, you can always find the latest devices, most of them for free.

How do these iPhone X mockup templates look?

Glad you asked! Here are some previews:

The size of each image is 1385×2676, with the inner bounds of 1125×2436 so you can just pop a snapshot of your app right in and save the image.

How can I use these iPhone X mockup templates for my app?

That comes down to how you want to market your app.
We can help you with some suggestions:
– create social media covers, like for Facebook or Twitter
– use the iPhone x mokcup templates to showcase your app on social media
– test different color combinations with your online community
– create videos with how your app works
– create screenshots for the App Store (you can always use our tool here)

Check out a couple of screenshots created with AppMockUp where you can also use these mockups:

With 27 unique iPhone X mockup templates, there’s no limit to what you can create.

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