How to update Caption and Subcaption settings

This tutorial is for the new AppMockUp Studio. You can access the editor here.

In order to update either the caption or subcaption in AppMockUp Studio, you need to go to the Screenshot Inspector and click on Caption or Subcaption to open the settings.

Both have the same settings, that is why we will focus on the Caption for now.

When you open the Caption settings, you will be presented with a Textfield where you can add the text. You can write anything, even emojis, and the Screenshot will be updated live.

Next we have the Font Family.

Click on the button with the arrow down and you will be presented with the brand new Font Picker.

In the Font Picker you will have a couple of options.

On the left you will see a preview for the screenshot you are currently working on. 

This preview will be updated only in the Font Picker when you choose a new font.

Only after you press the Done button in the top right corner will the new Font be applied to the screenshot you are working on.

Play with the filters and choose a font that suits your needs. Press Done to go back.

Pressing Cancel will not update the screenshot with the new font you have chosen.

Other settings for the Caption and Subcaption include alignment, font size, line height, color and left and right margin.

Play around with the sliders and you will see the screenshot updates instantly.

Another cool feature we introduced in AppMockUp Studio is to copy the Caption Style. 

Right click on Caption in the Screenshot Inspector and you will get the option to Copy or Paste the style. 

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