This tutorial is for the new AppMockUp Studio. You can access the new editor here.

How to add, regenerate and remove a panoramic images.

  1. Choose one of the starter templates or add a custom device
  2. Go to the Screenshot Inspector and click on Background to view more settings
  3. Change the Background Type to Panoramic
  4. Click on the Add Panoramic button
  5. Choose an image 
  6. Wait until AppMockUp Studio generates the panoramic images

A couple of notes:

The Background Type for each screenshot needs to be set to Panoramic in order for the Panoramic image to be visible. 

You can set the Background Type for each screenshot in the Screenshot Inspector. 

You can also right click on the image, go to Background Type and choose Panoramic.

When you add a new Screenshot or Device, AppMockUp Studio will NOT autoregenerate the panoramic images. 

In order to do that you have 2 options. 

In the Narbar, in the top right corner, there is a button called Panoramic. 

Click on it and choose Regenerate. 

This option will regenerate the Panoramic images for all screenshots and all devices. 

If you want to regenerate the Panoramic images for only one device you need to go to the Preview tab, click on the Dots button to show more options and choose Regenerate Panoramic.

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